Dyslexia Resources

Dyslexia Resources Worth Noting

Listen and Read Along (LARA)

Over 1600 videos and growing, most on YouTube, which display a text while a reader reads it aloud. The words are highlighted as they are read; one of the most important dyslexia resources. This is perfect for learning to track. Material includes songs, classic books, Voice of America broadcasts, poetry, biographies, and science.

Left From Right: What is dyslexia.

An Irish author interviews experts to learn what is true and not true about dyslexia.

Davis Dyslexia Association

The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ron Davis
The Davis Method uses modeling clay to embed meaning into words, making them easier for dyslexic learners to remember.

The Yale Center for Dyslexia

Overcoming Dyslexia, by Sally Shaywitz
The Yale Center does ongoing research in dyslexia, and publishes the findings.

The Dyslexic Advantage

Brock and Fernette Eide
The book by this name and the website with its excellent newsletter are the most important resources for parents of a student with dyslexia

Rummy Roots

This card game only costs $15 but it turns learning Greek and Latin word roots from drudgery to fun.