The Workshops


Dyslexia Tool Kit workshops are for home educators and  K-12 teachers and tutors, all disciplines, who wish to help students who struggle with reading speed and comprehension.  They explain and discuss the 24 tools in the book, Dyslexia Tool Kit for Tutors and Parent.  The first 12 tools are covered in the half day workshop and all 24 tools are covered in the full day workshop.  The participants pair up to practice using the tools with the guidance of the presenter.

Research based:

The tools are derived from the groundbreaking research presented in three books:

The Dyslexic Advantage:  Unlocking the hidden potential of the dyslexic brain; by Brock L. Eide, M.D., and Fernette F. Eide, M.D.

The Reading Remedy:  Six Essential skills that will turn your child into a reader, by Marion Blank, Ph.D.

Overcoming Dyslexia:  A new and complete science-based program for reading problems at any level, by Sally Shaywitz, M.D.

Drawing on these works and adding insights from many others, the authors of Dyslexia Tool Kit crystallize the research into easily accessible tools.

Easy to use:

Each tool takes only minutes to learn and can be applied one-on-one or in a classroom setting — or taught to peer tutors or parents.  The complexity of commercial reading programs tends to make them unwieldy for the classroom teacher because they require specific (and expensive) materials which must be purchased ahead of time; they also require significant training time for the teacher.  The Dyslexia Tool Kit techniques can be learned one at a time, used as needed in combination or alone, and employ inexpensive, easily accessed materials.  This dramatically increases the chance that the classroom teacher will be able to implement the tools to help a struggling reader.

Parents, peer tutors, and aides can be quickly brought on board to help students with these tools.