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Dr. Alta Graham


“At the end of first grade I couldn’t write my name.  I couldn’t read the alphabet.  The school counselor said I was ‘uneducable’ due to extreme dyslexia and dysgraphia, but could be taught to wipe tables with 12 years of training.  She recommended a special school for children who could not be mainstreamed.  I spent a lot of time under desks and tables in the fetal position trying to block out the world.” — Dr. Alta E. Graham, www.consultingcomposer.com

Yvonna Graham, M.Ed.


 “I was a desperate mom of a dyslexic student. I’d tried everything the school told me to do, with no results other than frustration and tears  I knew there was research being done on dyslexia, but I found nothing practical that helped my daughter.  I ended up getting a masters degree in education, focused on twice exceptional students, and then writing the needed handbook myself with my daughter’s help.  –Yvonna Graham, M.Ed., educational consultant

Dyslexia Tool Kit Book Cover